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Lip Fillers: 0.5ml or 1ml?

07 Jan 2020  |  Dr. Jess  |  Beauty

This is without a doubt one of the most common questions I receive and it’s something a lot of clients have difficulty deciding on when they have a lip augmentation. Questions often sound something along the lines of:

Is 0.55ml enough?

Is 1ml too much?

Will my lips end up too full if I get 1ml and will it look unnatural?

I don’t want duck lips or a trout pout but I want to achieve X look – what shall I go for?!

Am I better off getting two 0.55mls over two separate appointments or 1ml in one go?

I think you get the picture..! Point being – it is a common concern and at Dr Jess Aesthetics, I want you to relax knowing that I am here to help and guide you through different options so that we find the best treatment option for you.

My advice often differs depending on what each client wants to achieve, what their current lips look like and if they have previously had lip fillers. All of this is, of course, something we discuss during the consultation prior to carrying out any treatments. Below are a few things to consider depending on which category you fall in to.

  1. For new clients that have never had fillers before
    Firstly decide on why you want to opt for a lip augmentation. What is it you want to change about your lips and what would your ideal lips look like? Do you want more volume in both upper and lower lips or in one lip in particular? Do you want to balance an asymmetry? Or do you want to achieve more definition in certain areas? Perhaps it is a combination of the above. Either way, the more things you want to change about your lips and the further that is from your starting point, the more likely it is that you may want to opt for 1ml rather than 0.55ml. Remember – just because you opt for 1ml, doesn’t mean the whole 1ml will be used. The most common amount used at Dr Jess Aesthetics ranges from 0.65-0.8ml.
    If you have naturally full lips or only want minor corrections or definition in certain areas, 0.55ml could be the best option for you. Equally, 0.55ml is a great choice if you are uncertain as to how your lips will change and want to take things slowly. This is where starting with 0.55ml and then building on this a few months later would be a very good option.
  2. For clients new to myself but that have had previous lip fillers
    The first two questions I would ask are – when did you last have fillers placed here and what product was used? Different products are broken down at different rates. At Dr Jess Aesthetics, Juvederm Volift is used for both 0.55ml and 1ml lip augmentations. Therefore, if different products were previously used and are dissolving at different rates, injecting over these may cause uneven results over time. I would always recommend at least 6 months between injection of different fillers.
    After we have established the above, the same rationale as mentioned in point 1 would apply here.
  3. For my regular clients
    Fillers usually last around 6-12 months. Therefore, I recommend all my clients to have regular ‘tweakments’ using that time frame. Once we have established a good base shape and volume of your lips, they are much easier to maintain in this way and this is where 0.55ml is perfect.

Disclaimer – all the above information is general advice to the public in a bid to increase awareness and understanding of this topic. Every individual is different and it is strongly recommended to book a consultation using the contact form so that you can get bespoke advice around your individual concerns.